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Tips on Getting Rid of Odors on an Outdoor Deck
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  • Tips on Getting Rid of Odors on an Outdoor Deck

If you have noticed unpleasant odors coming from beneath your outdoor deck, there are a few tools and household cleaning products you can use to get rid of them. In this article, one of the reputable door replacement companies in New Jersey will discuss how you can determine the causes, what they are and how to eliminate them.

Odors on an Outdoor Deck

Identifying The Cause

Determining the source of the odor can be difficult but how you’ll deal with the odor depends on its cause. To have a clearer understanding, here are the common reasons you can take note of:

  • Animals may always be the culprit of this dilemma. Wild or stray animals like rats and raccoons may leave droppings behind. Pets may urinate on the posts or under the deck. Moreover, dead animals will produce an odor that gets stronger as they decay. 

  • Like most decking contractors and window replacement companies say, mold and mildew thrive in warm and shaded areas, like the underside of a deck. This can immediately spread, producing odors that can be noticeable from above the deck.

  • Leftover food can instantly create a very unpleasant odor as it spoils and decays.

Eliminating the Odor

If the smell happens to be particularly strong, you are advised to use a nose plug or apply mentholated ointment to mask the smell as you work. You may also want to use N95 masks to avoid inhaling the pollen or mold. Remember, wearing gloves is necessary when handling chemicals or animal droppings and remains.

For stains caused by animal droppings and urine, apply baking soda or spraying the surface with diluted vinegar and water. Wait about half an hour before washing. Mold and mildew can be removed with a diluted bleach solution, or with a commercially available cleaner. Prior to using these products, ask a professional if they’re safe to use or, better yet, hire a professional deck cleaner.

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