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3 Questions to Ask When Planning a Deck
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  • 3 Questions to Ask When Planning a Deck

A deck is a great addition to any home. But, to maximize the returns on your investment, there are a few questions you should ask yourself first when planning the home improvement project.

3 Questions to Ask When Planning a Deck

These are:

1. Why Do You Want to Install a New Deck?

What’s the primary function of your new deck? Do you want to add extra recreational space where you can lounge or host barbecues? If you don’t have a vision for your home improvement project, you’ll most likely end up being disappointed with the end result, no matter what it is.

Having trouble finalizing your vision for your exterior project? No worries; your exterior renovation contractors can help guide you through the process.

2. Which Deck Material Best Suits Your Needs?

For instance, if you’re planning to hold barbecues and parties on your deck, you should choose a decking material that’s resistant to grease stains or has minimal maintenance needs. And regardless of your new deck’s primary function, it’s important to choose decking material that can handle your area’s climate.

Choosing the Right Decking Material

Here’s an overview of the pros and cons of the most widely used decking materials:

  • Pressure-treated lumber – There are several reasons why pressure-treated lumber is one of the most popular decking materials in the state. They’re affordable, widely available, and easy-to-stain. But it’s not without its downsides, one of which is its vulnerability to swelling, shrinking, warping and cracks.

  • Redwood and cedar – In addition to their classic aesthetic, redwood and Western red cedar are resistant to rot, decay, and insect damage, thanks to the tannins and oils naturally present in this wood species. They’re more expensive than pressure-treated lumber, but you shouldn’t get too preoccupied with the costs. Focus instead on maximizing your ROIs.

  • Composite decking – Composite decking—which is made of recycled plastic and wood dust that’s molded into long, dense boards—is an increasingly popular alternative to wooden decking. The material also has minimal maintenance needs.

Which Design and Material Best Complements Your Exterior?

Your new deck should complement your luxury front door and the rest of your exterior. For more planning tips, consult an exterior contractor.

Looking for exterior contractors near you?

PJ Sullivan Exteriors offers a wide range of professional exterior services, including deck construction and chimney repair services. To schedule a consultation, you can call our New Jersey office at (201) 857-0600 or our New York office at (914) 768-3002. You can also fill out this form to get in touch with us. Talk to us today! We serve Bergen County, NJ, and the surrounding communities.

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