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5 Design-Build Advantages Over Traditional Remodeling
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  • 5 Design-Build Advantages Over Traditional Remodeling

For a long time, the formula of most remodeling endeavors consisted of both a general contractor and an architect or designer, which meant two different, independent entities working on the same project. But these days, a less traditional approach is gaining steam, and for good reason.

Design-build construction is a renovation method that delivers both design and construction services from the same entity, called a design-builder or design-build contractor. And, as it turns out, there are quite a few advantages to opting for this method over more traditional means. Check them out below.

Everybody’s on the same team

Among the most important advantages is the simple fact that everyone working on a design-build project is on the same team and therefore has the same level of investment in the project’s successful completion. This means a more streamlined approach to quality control and more fluid communication, both of which help to ensure a perfectly polished finished product.

Shorter timeline

Design-build projects tend to take a lot less time to complete than traditional methods because the entire process is simplified. Lines of communication are open across all avenues, from design to construction, which makes unforeseen obstacles and challenges a lot easier and faster to overcome. Additionally, oftentimes the construction and design phases can be completed simultaneously rather than having to wait for one phase to be completed before starting on the next.

More cost effective

If you’re embarking on a home remodeling project, you well know how easily costs can add up. Fortunately, design-build projects tend to be a lot less costly due to increased communication efficiencies, a lesser need for unexpected changes and extra work orders, and an overall shorter timeline, all of which reduce the number of hours workers need to be paid.

Easier problem-solving

If you’re working with a separate contractor and designer, the lines of communication are a lot more complicated than they are if both are under the same umbrella. And when it comes to problem-solving, this can be a major issue. The last thing you want is to have to halt a project because a designer needs to make changes before construction can continue, or vice versa. Design-build methods eliminate this problem entirely by way of a collaborative team that can quickly and efficiently solve problems as they arise.

Open and continual communication

Inefficient communication between design and construction can be one of the biggest barriers to the successful completion of a home remodeling project. If both are working together, however, this barrier is almost entirely eliminated. Builders and designers can work collaboratively throughout the process, using their varied expertise to approach problems in a more well-rounded, effective manner, as well as easily communicate if and when either side runs into any issues.

To conclude, value applies to more than just finances—how you feel about your home, its design, and whether it improves your quality of life are all valuable considerations to make aside from financial concerns. Design-build teams can bring design-minds and construction-minds together to evaluate alternative systems, methods, and materials and weigh those options from both a design and construction standpoint to ensure you’re getting the best overall value for your dollar.

I hired Pete Sullivan more than three years ago to help replace a small section of siding on my suburban house in New Jersey. Since then, he has not only replaced all the siding and roofing on my house, but completely renovated the entire interior, a multiyear job that included moving many walls, installing new tiles for the entire first floor, completely renovating the kitchen, and building a new...
Jason Forsythe
The job at my house was wonderful from beginning to end. I would definitely recommend them to anyone.
Josephine C.
We were so happy with the roofing, siding and pertego job PJ Sullivan did for us. We couldn’t have asked for a better company to do this for us. Pete was very attentive and visited our home at least 3 times a week and that was important for us.
Jaime T.
I love the way they treat their clients and Im happy to work with them! Pete and his guys where fabulous.
Steven J.
We are very satisfied with all planning and work done by PJ Sullivan Construction Company on our home. They exceeded our expectations and are very happy we went with them for our project. Peter, the owner, provided all of the construction and cost details, professional suggestions and explanations that we needed to make informed decisions. The project management and workmanship was excellent! The...
Mike R.