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5 Things to Do in Ridgewood New Jersey
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  • 5 Things to Do in Ridgewood New Jersey

If you’re on the fence about whether or not you want to invest in a home remodeling project in Ridgewood, one factor that you ought to consider is whether the city you live in is conducive to the sort of lifestyle you’re after.

That said, if you already reside in Ridgewood, you’re in luck! From tranquil retreats to exciting outdoor adventures, there are seemingly endless things for you and your family to do. Take a gander at some of our favorite activities in Ridgewood below.

Pinot’s Palette

As we grow older, so many of us begin to lose sight of the creative and therapeutic benefits of making art. Even if you’re not exactly the “artist type”, Pinot’s Palette in Ridgewood aims to change that. Offering weekly “Paint and Sip” classes designed to help you express yourself creatively through a combination of paint and wine, this place is the ultimate way to unload after a long day. And the classes are designed to be super casual, catering to people of all levels, so if you’re worried that your stick figures won’t measure up, don’t be! You definitely won’t be alone.

Explorer’s Passage

Have an adventurous spirit? Love to get out and explore the outdoors? Or maybe you’ve hit a fitness rut and you’re in the mood to change things up a little? Either way, the Explorer’s Passage is the outdoor retreat you’ve been looking for. The folks here are committed to bringing you the ultimate in outdoor adventures. From canoeing on the Yukon River to horseback riding across the Andes to hiking in the footsteps of George Washington, each carefully curated journey is designed to maximize fun and adventure in a safe and supportive setting.

Schoolhouse Museum

There’s no better way to build a relationship with your neighborhood than to get to know its historical roots. The Schoolhouse Museum exhibits from within the carefully preserved building of one of the very first public schools in Ridgewood. In it you’ll find an evolving collection of authentic, historical artifacts meant to showcase what the history, culture, and lives of ordinary people in Ridgewood used to look like from the period of Native America. It’s a perfect place to take the little ones for an educational day trip or simply to explore on your own to familiarize yourself with your neighborhood’s rich history.

Graydon Pool

While most in New Jersey appreciate the changing seasons that its climate offers, the hot and humid summers can get a little overwhelming. Fortunately, Graydon Pool, with its sunbathing beach, Water’s Edge Cafe, shaded playground, and water play fountains, offers a delightful refuge from the dog days of summer. Once you become a member, you’ll have access to all sorts of cool amenities including volleyball, charcoal grills, and a sheltered pavilion to enjoy a tasty picnic before cooling off in the refreshing pool. Basically, there’s no better way to spend a summer day.

Latour Restaurant

An upscale French restaurant that allows you to BYOB? Well, it doesn’t get much better than that. Latour French-American Restaurant is the ultimate in a fine dining experience, which is probably why it’s ranked number one of 86 different restaurants in the area. The menu is ever-changing, but it always features the best of the best in French cuisine, prepared and designed specially by the owner-chef, Chef Latour. And while the entrees do lean toward the pricey side, they eliminate one of the costliest elements of any meal—alcohol—by allowing you to bring your own. If you choose to dine here for a birthday, an anniversary, or simply a nice night on the town, you most definitely won’t regret it.

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Jaime T.
I love the way they treat their clients and Im happy to work with them! Pete and his guys where fabulous.
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