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Six Common Frustrations in Bathroom Renovations
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  • Six Common Frustrations in Bathroom Renovations

When you’re beginning to plan a home remodeling project in Mahwah, Bergen County, NJ, adding the bathroom to your list of rooms to tackle sounds like a great idea. Be sure to look at this list of common frustrations with completed renovations to guide your decision making process during bathroom remodeling.

Ignoring Ventilation

The bathroom fan is a must to consider during your bathroom remodeling. You don’t want mold to appear in your newly-remodeled space! Install an adequate fan, use mold-resistant paints and wallcoverings, and make a note in your home maintenance records to vacuum your bathroom fan regularly to keep it operating at optimal levels. This will help keep your bathroom remodeling looking fresh long after the contractor has been paid and the workers have left your home.

Poor Drainage

Along with ventilation, consider drainage now to avoid frustration later. Your bathroom remodeling project needs to include a “fall” to allow easy drainage, and large format tiles may make this difficult or impossible in a small space. A linear floor waste may be required, so be sure to talk to your contractor now about this aspect of your home remodeling project in Mahwah.

Porous Materials

Yet another consideration about moisture in your bathroom remodeling project! If porous materials are used in a bathroom, over time the moisture in the room will cause those materials to warp, swell, rot, discolor, or otherwise alter from its original appearance. If you choose to use porous stone, such as travertine marble be sure it is sealed.

Poor Lighting

Task lighting is a major piece of the overall lighting in a bathroom. You floss your teeth, apply makeup, and do other detail-oriented work in your bathroom every single day. Inadequate lighting will require you to add a lamp or other after-renovation light source, making you feel that your bathroom remodeling was somewhat in vain. Don’t fall prey to this during your remodeling project. Think through your lighting decisions for the bathroom with how you use the bathroom in the forefront of your mind.


You’ll feel major frustration if you have to add additional storage shelves, cabinets, or furniture just weeks or months after your bathroom remodeling is complete! During the planning for your home remodeling project think through what items you’ll want to store in your bathroom and how accessible you want each type of item. Then match your categories to the spaces in your bathroom remodeling plan. Thinking through storage will help you avoid later frustration.

Overlooking Small Mistakes

If you spot a mistake made during your bathroom remodeling, speak up immediately. You won’t learn to live with it with time, but instead will come to regret your decision to ignore it. It’s much easier for your contractor to correct those small mistakes in the home remodeling if you mention them right away. No matter how annoying you may think you sound, your future self will be far less frustrated!

All of these things may sound like small details, but in the long run, making sure you take care of them during your bathroom remodeling will reduce or eliminate future frustrations after the conclusion of all remodeling work.

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